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Thank you for using e-School Saas. In this document you will get to know more about super admin features and how the features works with some of the guide.

All the fields marked with (*) are mandatory.

Any deleted data will be moved into the trashed first. From trashed super admin can restore the data or delete it permanently.


Student Management
Academics Management
Slider Management
Teacher Management
Session Year Management
Holiday Management
Timetable Management
Attendance Management
Exam Management
Lesson Management
Assignment Management
Announcement Management
Staff Management
Expense Management
Staff Leave Management
Fees Management

There are 16 features in this system. Out of these 12 features will be use for package building.

Default 4 features are following : Student management, Academics management, Teacher management, Session year management.


e-School Saas

  • Default email and password of super admin is superadmin@gmail.com and superadmin. This can be change later.


e-School Saas


e-School Saas
e-School Saas
e-School Saas

  • Super Admin can create the school and school admin. School admin can access the admin panel of school by the admin email and password. Password will be phone number of admin by default.

  • Super Admin can select the package for school at the time of registration. Package start date will be same as school registration date.

  • Super admin can change the school and school admin details. Super admin can delete the schools.

  • Super admin can activate/deactivate the school. If school is deactive then students,staffs can not login in the system.


e-School Saas

  • By default features Student management, Academics management, Teacher management and Session year management will be part of any newly created package. Super admin can create package with other features.

  • Once package is created it will be in unpublished mode. Only published packages will be shown to schools.

  • If package is marked with highlighted then this package will be shown in advertisement page.

  • All subscription by default auto renewable.

e-School Saas

  • Super admin can update, delete the package. If admin update the per active student price, per active staff price and features then it will be effected for next billing cycle of school.

  • Super admin can update the package rank by dragging the package up or down. On the other side school will see the packages based on rank.


e-School Saas
e-School Saas

  • Super admin can create the add-on for all the features except the 4 default features. After creating the add-on it will be in unpublished mode.

  • If super admin update the price of any add-on that will take effect in next billing cycle of school.


e-School Saas

e-School Saas

e-School Saas

e-School Saas

  • Super admin can extend the billing payment date of any school. Once the billing payment date has passed then it can not be modified.

  • Super admin can update the current plan of school. If super admin updates the package then current package will be immediately terminated and new package will start.

  • Super admin can generate the bill of school subscription in case system fails to generate the bill.

Role permissions

e-School Saas e-School Saas

  • Super admin can create dynamic roles as per the requirements. Following roles are reserved. Super Admin,School Admin,Teacher,Guardian,Student.


e-School Saas e-School Saas

  • Support staff can login the system using email and password. Default password of staff member is staff@123.

  • Support staff can have multiple school assign to it. On other side school will have the support staff details to contact.


e-School Saas

  • Created faqs will be reflected into advertisement page.

App settings

e-School Saas

  • App verison number must be in this 1.0.0+1 pattern. Some examples are 1.0.1+2, 1.1.0+15

  • If force update is enable, in case of new update user will have to update the app and app will stop working. Super admin must add the ios and android app version before enabling the force update.

  • How force update works?

    If admin has enable the force update then it will compare with the app version from the super admin panel and user’s installed app version. If the app version from super admin panel is gretaed then user’s installed app version then it will open the dialog to update the app.

General settings

e-School Saas

e-School Saas

  • Schools will see package amount in entered currency.

Subscription settings

e-School Saas

  • Billing cycle days will be same for every packages.

  • Additional billing days will give extra days after package expiration to school to pay the bill. Minimum value of additional billing days is 1.

  • Minimum value of current plan expiry warning days is 1.

  • Cron job url is must. It will ensure the package activation and billing works smoothly.

e-School Saas

Front site(Advertisement page) settings

e-School Saas

e-School Saas

Language settings

e-School Saas

e-School Saas

  • Once super admin enter the language here then it will reelected in web panel in the app bar.

  • There will be download file button there. Super admin have to download that file and add the necessity language data. It is .json file. Make sure you do not modify the keys of that file. (RTL means Right to left.)


e-School Saas

  • FCM key is necessary for the notification feature in app. Super admin can get the FCM key from firebase.

  • Super admin will get the fcm keys from firebase account. Go to project settings -> Cloud messaging. Here need to activate the Cloud Messaging API. After activating this API super admin will get the server key and that will be use for fcm key configuration.

Email configuration

e-School Saas

  • Email configuration will require some credentials of the SMTP, such as Mailer,Host,Port,Email Address,Encryption,Send From. Send From will be the same as the Email Address.

  • Email Verification will be used to Verify the SMTP credentials whether credentials are correct or incorrect. If the Credentials are correct then testing email will be sent on your email. Otherwise it will give you an appropriate error.

Payment settings

e-School Saas

  • Super admin can create the stripe account from this given link. https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

  • It is recommended to select the same currency in payment settings as it is in stripe account.


e-School Saas

e-School Saas

  • Super admin can add guides here. This will be reflected in the guide section of advertisement page or front website.

Privacy policy

e-School Saas

  • Use this (your-admin-panelurl/page/privacy-policy) to apple app store and google play store at the time of deployment.

Contact us

e-School Saas

About us

e-School Saas

Terms and conditions

e-School Saas

School terms and conditions

e-School Saas
  • Only school admin will see this terms and conditions. School admin need to agree to this terms and conditions while buying or modifying package and add-ons.